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Mari Gonzalez Curia (AKA MariLimmy) is a Comics Creator and Illustrator, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Combining vulnerable, heartwarming storytelling with a vibrant, expressive art style, her work is always an invitation to explore real emotion within a fantastical realm, usually featuring themes of fear, resilience, and mental health. Her goal is to create stories that resonate, change, and inspire.

She studied Graphic Design at University of Buenos Aires and honed her craft through mentorship courses in Digital Painting and Visual Storytelling with Disney Artist, Chris Oatley. Her first short comic, The Shadow, was published in Argentina by Purple Books in 2017. A self-published English version was also sold in Calgary, Canada, where she lived for the past 3 years.

In her free time, Mari enjoys practicing yoga, playing D&D, and learning about psychology and nature.

Currently working on personal projects and open to new opportunities in Comics, Graphic Novels and Games.

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